Making the most of your words

From making people smile to inspiring them to take action, words can do some wonderful things. We help you make the most of them in print or online.

We take time to understand your business. We do our research, finding the nuggets that will make a story shine. And we use creative writing to engage your readers, wherever they are.

Because there are two of us, we can tackle bigger projects and everything we write is checked by a second pair of eyes before it leaves our studio.

Brand language

Shaping your brand language

A strong verbal identity helps a brand stand out and earns people’s trust. We’ll help you define a tone of voice for your brand and create guidelines to ensure it’s used consistently.

Between us, we’ve got experience of working with tone of voice with consumer, business-to-business and charity brands big and small. And because we also run workshops, we can help you roll out your tone of voice by training your teams to use it effectively every day.

Writing workshops

Training your teams

Whether you want your team to write more persuasively or transform technical details into engaging stories, our workshops can help your business.

We’ll show you how to understand your reader and build a persuasive argument. You’ll learn to use techniques from creative writing to improve the way you do business every day.

We design our workshops especially for your organisation. They’re normally available for groups of up to a dozen people either at your office or off-site. Drop us an email to find out more.

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About us

Small by design

Because Polon is a small studio (run by Matt and Janet), there are no layers of account management – you get to work directly with a writer.

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