Our copy doctors see a lot of bad business writing. Here are seven signs your copy could be in a critical condition.

Seven symptoms of bad business writing

  1. Typos and spelling mistakes. (Would you do buziness with someone who spelt like dis?)
  2. Too many adjectives. (Our committed team of dedicated professionals is ready to service your every need.)
  3. Telling, not showing. (We’re really good. We’re great. Brilliant. Just take our word for it, OK?)
  4. Endless lists of services. (We write websites, brochures, leaflets, tag lines, books, emails, flyers, postcards…)
  5. Boasting. (We’re the best and everyone agrees.)
  6. Hedging your bets. (We aim to, perhaps, try to do something.)
  7. Long-winded wordiness. (There is absolutely no benefit whatsoever in cramming more words into sentences).

Diagnosing bad business writing is important; it’s the first step towards creating really compelling copy.

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