Our chosen charity this Christmas, Book Aid International provides approximately one million books each year to people in 26 countries, enabling them to enrich, improve and change their lives.

Book Aid International website – featuring Elias, a boy with a lot of hopes and dreams who loves reading and relies on the school library.

A few years ago we started making a donation to charity at Christmas instead of sending cards to our clients. It’s now well and truly a tradition, and each year we support a charity working to improve lives through books, reading and writing. This year, it’s Book Aid International.

The charity works in 23 countries to provide books for all, encouraging children to read, supporting their education. It also improves access to up-to-date healthcare information and provides books when conflicts strike. That's aside from work in areas such as creating school libraries and training teachers and librarians to support children as they discover books.

Thousands of children have lost their homes since 2017 in Cameroon’s escalating violence. We’ve worked with our long-standing partner to provide over 5,000 books in damp proof, lockable boxes to children who have lost their homes and schools and are sheltering in the forests.”

— Book Aid International

If you're interested in helping more people benefit from the life-changing impact of books, there are lots of things you can do. We’d recommend starting by reading more about Book Aid International and donating online.

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