Imagine you run a website about dogs. What do you label the search button on your interface? “Fetch” of course. It’s a charming touch that shows you care about canines — right down to the last letter of your web copy.

Microcopy on the Dogs Trust website

Recently, we’ve written about why microcopy matters and about how copywriting is interface design. This search button labelled as “fetch” is a great example of both. Best in show, you might say.

The search function is where you’d expect to find it (in the top right of the site). And it looks familiar. The microcopy in the box makes it clear what it’s for (to “search the site”). So there’s room to have a little fun with the words on the button. By labelling it “fetch” instead of “search” the function is still clear but you also reinforce your brand’s tone of voice.

Everyone writes “search”. Only the Dogs Trust write “fetch”. Great stuff.

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