We’re celebrating a win for Nokia’s environmental campaign at the 2008 Green Awards. The power of we: shows what sustainability communications can do.

The approach taken by creative agency Naked meant that the we: campaign was accessible to everyone. The tone of voice they wanted for the web copy was practical, not preachy. We put this into action across the website, intranet and emails — talking about everything from energy efficiency and recycling to business travel.

The copy read well, of course. But what really demonstrates that this was 'less a green campaign than an entire organisational cultural shift' is the results:

  • 73% of worldwide employees became aware of Nokia’s environmental initiatives (the target was 50%)
  • over 1,200 environmental champions signed up, 200 more than the target
  • Nokia employees made over 4,000 we: pledges

See all the winners of the 2008 awards.

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