Train operator London Midland’s personal approach to Twitter mixes timely information with a good sense of humour.

London Midland brings humour to its Twitter page.

t’s an approach that’s won them lots of followers and a customer service award. I’m not surprised. London Midland is my local train company and I’ve been impressed with the way they write for Twitter – mixing updates, interaction and a sense of humour.

The London Midland Twitter profile @LondonMidland is corporate but a named person signs on for each shift, giving them the chance to make things personal with some gentle humour. The example above shows David’s inventive sign-in last week.

Good evening - David here to protect you from the icy wind of disruption like a penguin protecting its newborn chick. Looking calm out there”

You might worry that this would grate with angry followers whose trains have been delayed. But the responses to David’s tweet show it was welcomed as a nice distraction before he gets on with the serious business of issuing service updates and responding to queries (which he does a lot of). One user even gives David a hashtag:

@SkyBlueStacey says: Awwww David. That’s your best sign in ever!:) #YouWillStruggleToTopThatOne”

It’s clear that followers welcome this approach and even look forward to it. London Midland tweets certainly brighten my day. And that‘s something I never thought I’d say about a train company.

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