Some people find it hard to imagine what being a copywriter involves. So when we refreshed our website, we commissioned a short animation to explain.

Today, copywriters work across more disciplines than ever – branding, advertising, digital, corporate communications and more. It’s not like the days of Mad Men when a copywriter could only be found working alongside an art director in an ad agency.

We work with marketers, designers and web developers. So sometimes we’re writing a corporate magazine. Sometimes we’re defining a tone of voice for a brand. Sometimes we’re writing award entries. But whatever we’re doing, the work has something in common.

For us, writing is a craft that involves taking time and care to create something useful. It involves taking an idea, a mass of information or a rough piece of copy and refining it into something that combines form and function to achieve the result our client wants.

And that’s what our animation illustrates. We’ve named the little character Henry and we’re rather fond of him. So, if you find yourself wondering what a copywriter does all day, just think of Henry going about his work crafting words and ideas. It’s just like that, only we use a laptop instead of a hammer.

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Because Polon is a small studio (run by Matt and Janet), there are no layers of account management – you get to work directly with a writer.

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