We don’t have one! Although it’s common for copywriters to work on an hourly or daily rate, we do things differently. Here’s why.

Ultimately, what most clients want from us is outstanding work. As they’re often up against tight deadlines, they want this outstanding work done promptly. 

So we provide a fixed price for an agreed scope of work. We’ve found this focuses on the value of what we produce and gives clients certainty on costs.

We also take the view that hourly or daily rates can create perverse incentives for copywriters to take longer, set up unrealistic expectations of how long things take, and generate additional admin – the cost of which would then end up being passed on to the client.

If we were to work strictly to an hourly or daily rate, we’d be penalised for producing brilliant results quickly. And if we were to work slowly on a particular day, the client would lose out. We, and our clients, prefer to incentivise efficiency.

We're often involved in long-term or repeating projects for longstanding clients – like a series of blog posts, case studies or articles. And with a decade of experience, we know our own business well – how we work best and what it costs us to do so. All this means means we’re able to quote accurately and give our clients certainty over costs.

Once work is underway we can focus on the writing instead of keeping tabs on the clock. As well as cutting down on admin, this is important for us as people. We’ve chosen to forgo the security of working in a big company or agency in exchange for the creative freedom of running our own small studio. Why do that and then become slaves to the clock?

That, then, is our long answer to a short question. I'm sure it surprises some people, but it’s an approach that’s worked well for us and our clients over the last ten years.

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Because Polon is a small studio (run by Matt and Janet), there are no layers of account management – you get to work directly with a writer.

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