Swedish brand Marten builds loud speakers that reproduce reality. With Marten’s products, it's not like listening to a recording, it's like listening to the original performance where that recording was made. A tone of voice had to reflect its obsession with this perfection.

Picture the scene. It’s the mid-1970s in a small town in southern Sweden and a 12-year-old boy is prototyping loudspeakers in the family garage. Meet our founder, Leif Mårten.”

— From the Marten brand story

So we created a clear, confident and friendly voice that captures the spirit of this family company. The language gives techno-speak a miss in favour of evoking the almost meditative feeling that comes from listening to such realistic sound. The voice talks straight to customers, and it knows when to let the products speak for themselves.

We put this brand language into action, capturing the brand's philosophy, the Marten Way, and story – a fascinating tale of three brothers starts in a Swedish garage in the 1970s. And then we went on to apply it to descriptions of the products themselves – aiming to combine form and function perfectly in our writing just as Marten does in its design.

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