Since 1968 Arup has been the creative force behind some of the Midlands’ most ambitious and complex design and engineering projects. So when it came to producing a concise brochure about the firm’s work in the region, the marketing team had a lot to say in a small space.

We helped them boil down project descriptions to their essentials – summing up in headlines and short snippets exactly how Arup is helping clients overcome some pretty big challenges.

The sympathetic refurbishment and extension of the 1960s George Green Library provides a multi-functional and adaptable space in a building that meets the demands of today's students. ”

— University of Nottingham project snippet

The trick with this sort of writing is not losing sight of the wider story as you wrestle with words and try to make them fit. So at each stage, we took a step back and asked ourselves: “Does this tell the whole story?”

The result is a wealth of project examples packed into a beautifully designed brochure that’s grabbing the attention of Arup’s clients.

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