For audiophiles, the only true test of a hi-fi cable is how it performs, and that’s something you just can’t demonstrate with words and images. So how on earth do you go about writing a brochure for high-end audio cables and power leads?

When Jorma Design set us this challenge, we knew what was required: short product descriptions that show the obsessive attention to detail that goes into making the different models of cable. 

This is what people who really know their audio want to read. They know the significance of a cable that uses the purest possible copper, transparent PTFE, ceramic fibres and walnut – all fine-tuned to get the best possible result.

We summed up the benefits of each cable’s design and construction, highlighting what different models could do without dumbing down the technicalities that audiophiles crave. This made it quick and easy for readers to understand the cables' capabilities and choose the right one for them.

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