Following a brand refresh, Arup’s marketers took on the role of writers – producing project sheets and brochures to tell an engaging story to clients. In a series of workshops, we helped them establish the steps to successful business writing.

Briefing, writing, editing and feedback. Working through the writing process, groups learnt how to produce great business writing quickly and easily. Together, they explored:

  • what makes a good brief for a writer;
  • how to structure their writing;
  • stylish ways to work with tone of voice guidelines;
  • the editing skills that produce concise copy; and
  • how to give (and get) really useful feedback.

By the end of the session, they’d put it all into practice. And because we believe that business writing is something best done together, we were keen for people to keep collaborating beyond the end of the workshops. So we set up online forums where they could meet to share and discuss their work.

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