In recent years the landscape of higher education has shifted dramatically. We've worked with the University of Birmingham Guild of Students since 2010 to help its team respond to the changing needs of members.

We started by looking at the language the guild used in its vision and values, ensuring it spoke directly to students. The result is a vision that encapsulates what the guild is for: 

We'll make sure you get the best from Birmingham!”

— UBGS vision

The set of values lead with verbs, turning them into mini actions that say exactly what the guild will do for its members:

  • Representing you
  • Involving you in university life
  • Giving you a say – and a vote
  • Offering you support
  • Having fun

On subsequent projects, we reviewed and edited communications to ensure this direct approach flowed through everything the guild said. We also ran a workshop for the guild's team to help them define this approach in tone of voice guidelines. The resulting document shows how to create friendly, student-focussed and straight-talking copy.

We put this tone of voice into action again in our latest project with the guild; reviewing and editing its strategic plan to 2017. Because we've worked with the team throughout the process and know their brand well, we're able to advise them with minimal further briefing – making it a speedy process for everyone.

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