In the process of developing their new website, the team at ECA sought our help to refine the intro text for important pages on their site. They wanted the words to reflect the organisation’s status as a thought leader and force for good on behalf of its members in the electrotechnical and engineering services sector.

Writing short pieces of web copy is often as demanding as writing long stories. With few words to play with, it’s vital that every single one works to fulfil the aims of the page. So we had to take into account not only what ECA wanted to get across and how the brand’s voice should sound but also how we could make the text engaging for intended audiences and what would work well on the web.

Our solution was to address the audience directly in straightforward language that conveyed quickly how ECA was fighting their corner, and how they could access any support they needed.

As a specialist contractor, you should be paid the full amount, on time. We are campaigning to ensure this happens.”

— ECA website copy, fair payment page

The result is copy that fits the fresh new look and feel of the website and suits ECA as it supports its members with challenges such as the transition to net zero.

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