When design consultancy FITCH asked us to write for them, we couldn’t wait to get going.

You’ve probably experienced FITCH’s work – in airports, museums, shops, public spaces; on websites and blogs; at the checkout, in the street, on the airwaves. They’re a global design consultancy, influencing the world around you by translating brand into consumer experience.

We helped them polish words and define tone of voice for some of their big name (but strictly confidential) clients. Because we specialise in writing, we often find ourselves working with design, branding and communications agencies in this way – when they’re looking for a bit of extra help or some fresh insight.

So although we can’t tell you more about our work with FITCH, we’re always happy to chat about how we can help you make the most of your words.

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Because Polon is a small studio (run by Matt and Janet), there are no layers of account management – you get to work directly with a writer.

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