For over a decade, Arup's regional and global marketing and communications teams have benefitted from working with writers who know their business, their brand and their mission to shape a better world.

We've written features, brochures, award entries and web pages to help this global engineering firm tell its story – as well as running writing workshops for its marketers and technical teams.

Writing and editing for Arup

Our copywriting and training work with Arup includes:

  • Writing entries for industry awards that make a compelling case and secure recognition from the judges
  • Ghost-writing and editing blog posts to help Arup’s experts spark online conversations about the built environment
  • Clear, concise feature writing for more than a dozen editions of A², Arup's business magazine for clients
  • Crafting campaign web pages to tell the story of how Arup is tackling some of today’s most pressing problems
  • Editing expert reports and white papers to help persuade policy makers and industry leaders to act 
  • Interactive writing workshops that cover everything from grammar basics to handling brand tone of voice.

In the course of our work, we’ve interviewed experts on everything from sustainable cities to software and helped shape their thoughts into engaging stories, persuasive pitches and hard-hitting conversation starters.

What our clients say

Here’s what some of our clients at Arup say about working with us.

“The team at Polon thoroughly explores the topic at hand to deliver thorough, informed content. They convey the value Arup brings in a concise manner – no small feat given the complex technical skills normally being showcased. These skills, combined with their knowledge of Arup, our brand and ethos, means they always deliver a high standard.”
— Kat Groves, Marketing Coordinator, Arup

“Knowing Polon spend time considering the brief, doing their research and using specific questions to interview our technical team is reassuring.”
— Felicity Baker, Marketing Manager – Global Energy, Arup

“Arup has worked with Polon for several years. They are able to turn text that lists project features into text that highlights the project benefits and value to clients, in one or two sentences. They also understand our business and ensure consistency throughout the document, which is invaluable.”
— Rob Ennis, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Arup

If you’d like to know more about how we could support your organisation with a range of writing services, just get in touch.

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