Digital copywriting is most effective when it's complemented by clear content strategy, great design and imaginative development.

Working with Pepper, we balance brand tone of voice with the demands of web writing. The result? Sites that read well, engage audiences and show up in searches.

We’ve applied this approach to the latest iteration of Pepper’s own site, creating case studies that sum up exactly why clients love working with the team. Each project story led with a simple, bold headline.

Demonstrating thought leadership”

— Morgan Lovell case study headline

And then, before diving into the narrative, we set out three bullet points to sum up the story. This ensures as many readers as possible take away the messages Pepper want to convey. Even if they only skim the first part of the case study, they'll get a good overview of what it's all about.

Morgan Lovell’s new website is packed with personality (and punch) ”

— The first bullet point

Of course, first we had to know what Pepper wanted to say. To find out we interviewed founder Oscar. An hour later, he’d reeled off everything there was to know about a dozen or more projects and we'd been able to quiz him on the finer points of web design and development. 

The result is a strong set of project stories that show prospective clients exactly what Pepper can do.

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