Working with Arup’s marketing team, we wrote a flyer showing how the firm’s lateral thinking can bring down the spiralling cost of decommissioning North Sea oil and gas installations.

Arup’s selling point, we learnt in a phone interview with firm’s energy consulting leader, is the way it brings skills and experience from other sectors. So this is the message we built the story around – fresh thinking for decommissioning.

After setting up this selling point in the headline, sub-heading and intro, the flyer highlighted the scale of the problem in more detail.

With many North Sea installations reaching the end of their lives and the cost estimates for decommissioning ranging from £40bn to £100bn, the industry desperately needs new solutions.”

We used material from our phone interview to show exactly how Arup can provide the new solutions needed – by transferring knowledge from other sectors. Real-life examples, such as how the firm helped save the tax payer millions of pounds on the Forth Replacement Crossing, add weight to the argument.

After more examples from other industries, and details of Arup’s major project expertise, we reiterated the key message.

With extensive experience in major-project setup, procurement and strategy across industries, we’ve helped countless clients deliver more for less. Now we’re bringing this fresh thinking to the challenges of North Sea decommissioning.”

Rounded off with contact details, the flyer is an effective marketing tool to get Arup's message across at an industry event.

Our client, Felicity, was pleased. “The lead time for this project was short,” she said, “yet Polon were able to turn content around quickly and met a fairly tight brief without hesitation. Matt took time to understand the subject (as always) which enabled him to focus on the areas we really wanted to highlight.”

She continued: “Knowing Polon spend time considering the brief, doing their research and using specific questions to interview our technical team is reassuring, it allows me to trust them to get on and do good work and deliver it on time (if not before) so I can focus on other projects. I find working with Polon very time-efficient.”

The techniques we used to draw readers in also went down well. “Matt used engaging rhetorical questions to entice the reader. This is something we hadn’t done before and the fresh thinking went down very well with stakeholders. It worked really well for the particular topic, so a big thank you as always for your hard work and great outputs.”

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