When Pepper Digital asked us to help them with their latest project – a demo website for the latest innovation in web design – we responded with copy that would work well in the adaptable layout.

Responsive websites adapt seamlessly to new browsing habits, bringing your content cost-effectively to more people.”

— Responsive web design demo

Designed with adaptable layouts for different screen sizes, responsive websites change to suit every browsing device – from desktops and netbooks to tablets and smartphones. They are ideal for today's browsing habits, where someone might access the web on a number of different devices in a single day. And they save money on designing lots of different versions of a website too.

Pepper wanted more people to know about this innovation in web design, so they created a new responsive website to demonstrate it – and asked us to make sure the copy was clear and informative. We used headings throughout each page to signpost the reader and kept sentences and paragraphs short to get straight to the point and let the design tell its own story.

The result is a simple, informative website that's great fun to play with. Responsive design is now a lot more common but the principles in Pepper’s site are as true today as they were when we worked on this project. Why not try it out for yourself?

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