Designing and building a new kind of kindergarten in a remote district of Ghana was a learning experience for everyone involved. So when Arup asked us to sum up the story of the Dwabor project, our copywriters asked the project team: “What did you learn in school today?”

Speaking to the design team, we learnt how they involved the community in the project from the start. We heard how the design uses sustainable local materials – including waste products like coconut husks – in inventive ways. And we listened to volunteers from Arup and Davis Langdon who had travelled to Ghana to help build the school.

“We learnt that understanding how people in Ghana built thousands of years ago can provide you with materials that are a better fit than modern ones,” says Hayley Gryc, the Arup structural engineer for the school.”

— Dwabor brochure

After capturing stories from the two firms and Sabre (the charity behind the project), we wrote web copy, news stories and a printed brochure that brought the learning to life. Using an online area to manage the writing project and collaborate on copy with our client meant that even this tight deadline (in time for the school’s opening) was no problem.

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