When you’ve got teams of lawyers around the world specialising in just about every branch of law there is, you’ve got a lot to say when you're creating a new website.

Our client is a firm that likes to keep its suppliers confidential, so we can’t tell you all that much about this project. But we can give you an idea of why it was so demanding.

With the site build already underway, we helped our law-firm client’s marketing team produce hundreds of pages of web copy. This involved balancing the demands of the brand’s verbal identity and the requirements from the search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists to get across exactly what the different specialist lawyers wanted to say.

Sometimes we had to turn dry bullet points into persuasive prose that set out a compelling argument for choosing this firm. At other times, we needed to hold conference calls with busy partners around the world to help them establish exactly what they wanted to include on the pages promoting their services.

It’s no exaggeration to say this was one of the biggest projects we’ve ever done. So we were particularly pleased when, after a couple of months working flat out exclusively on this project, we completed everything within the demanding deadline – much to the delight of our client.

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