Writing the web copy for Nokia’s environmental campaign ‘we:’ was a big project in the early days of Polon.

Our brief from digital agency Hypernaked was to make the web copy practical, not preachy. We put this into action across the website, intranet and emails – talking about everything from energy efficiency and recycling to business travel. 

When we take something from the environment, we should give something back. Recycling takes materials from old devices, accessories and packaging and gives them a second life in other new products … Take a little, give a little and together we can make recycling part of everyday life.”

— we:recycle (Nokia website)

After crafting the web copy, we were asked to help with other communications too. We went on to work on everything from promotional materials that appeared in Nokia shops to a programme recruiting staff to champion the environmental effort. 

So we were pretty pleased when the whole we: campaign won the Grand Prix at the 2008 Green Awards.

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