The team at toinfinity wanted their new website to reflect their approach and personality, and they asked us to help write it.

When we met Al, Lol and Laura, we found they had a great knack for summing up the world of online marketing in simple terms. But their old website didn’t reflect this, or the way they partner with clients to become a valuable part of their online marketing team.

To address this, we started by defining a tone of voice to use throughout the web copy. The voice we set out for toinfinity reflects the team’s values: it’s personable and professional; expert and experienced; trustworthy and collaborative.

When we came to write the web copy, we had plenty of great material to work with. The company not only has heaps of personality but also backs up what it says with plenty of evidence (like the fact that it generates an average 800% return on investment for its clients).

We put the voice into action, taking the way the team had described their work to us and bringing it to life for the web. For example, we used Al's supertanker metaphor to sum up succinctly what SEO can do for a business:

If pay per click (PPC) is the speedboat of online marketing, then SEO is the supertanker. It takes a little while to build momentum but it delivers great results in the longer term. Search engines drive more new visitors to websites than any other form of marketing.”

— toinfinity website

Combined with a fresh look and feel, our copy is helping toninfinity’s new website get them even more attention.

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