What do your words say about your customer service? Lok'nStore’s personal and business storage customers say it's the firm's friendly service that really makes a difference. 

Our brief was to convey that friendliness on a new Lok'nStore website designed by Pepper Digital and, later, in a series of posters. We had to make sure the copy was functional, helping people find what they wanted to know. But we also had to make sure reading matched the experience of stepping into a store and speaking to the Lok'nStore team.

We're your big friendly personal and business storage company. That means we offer you flexible, low cost, accessible space to store your stuff for as long as you like.”

— Lok'nStore website

How did we do it? Little touches such as talking informally and using words like ‘stuff’ instead of ‘possessions’ give the copy a friendly feel without it becoming overly wordy – vital on the web. The fact that the S sounds in the phrase ‘store your stuff’ alliterate also makes the text sound appealing.

But it’s no good just sounding nice and helpful, you’ve actually got to be helpful too. So as well as helping you to book storage easily, the website gives you helpful hints for working out how much space you need and the best way to store your stuff. It also puts you straight in touch with your local store – where a welcoming cuppa awaits.

Having struck just the tone the Lok'nStore team wanted on their website, we went on to help them create a series of posters for their stores. Our brief: transform the existing, rather wordy posters into snappy summaries of all that’s great about Lok'nStore.

The text we came up with tells people about the box-for-life guarantee (bring a tatty box back and swap it for a new one). It talks about all the security that’s in place to keep you and your stuff safe. And, of course, it offers a gentle reminder of which storage company is the friendliest – as if anyone could possibly forget.

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