Supporting Arup’s web team, we ensured that project and services pages, news items, and features tell an engaging story about the firm’s work.

With more than 11,000 people in offices around the world working on thousands of professional services projects at any one time, Arup has a lot to talk about on its website. So ensuring pages for different services and regions all tell effective stories is quite a challenge.

That’s why the firm retained us to provide editing support for its web team, helping them ensure project pages, news items and features submitted from across the firm all use a consistent written style and tone. To speed up the approvals process, we responded on two levels: suggesting minor changes that can be easily adopted as well as offering more detailed feedback on how pages could be improved further.

We also helped the web team create new services pages as the firm moves into new areas of business. Interviewing service leaders allows us to get to the heart of what they offer their clients. Our challenge then was to sum it up in a straightforward, engaging way.

For us, the opening sentence is always key – it sets the tone and rhythm for what follows.

Our technical, commercial and policy expertise is unlocking the potential of energy storage in a low-carbon world.”

— <a href="">Energy storage</a> services page on

So once we'd gathered all the information we needed, we spent time trying to get the opening just right. Crack that, and the rest followed. Finally, everything was reviewed by a second pair of eyes in our team to make sure it’s properly polished before we sent it off.

Our aim was always to make the whole process – briefing, interviewing, drafting, feedback, editing, and approvals – as seamless as possible for the busy web team.

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