Sitting at the heart of a market where investors around the world trade gold and silver held in London vaults, LBMA ensures the Loco London Precious Metals Market runs smoothly and sustainably. As the only independent authority and standards-setter, the trade body upholds trust in the market. 

We’ve helped the team communicate this vital role – both to market members and the wider world.

  • How can you convey complex processes and requirements succinctly, without sacrificing clarity? 
  • How can you ensure market jargon established over centuries is meaningful for a wide audience today? 
  • And how can you encourage people to take advantage of the training, data, expertise and host of other services that LBMA provides? 

We’ve tackled these challenges and more as we’ve written brochure, email and website copy – matching messages to the medium to ensure the communications are as effective as possible. 

Gold standard, you might say.

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